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Gateshead Locksmith Quick Price Guide
No VAT - No Call Out Fee - Free Quote

UPVC Door Lock Price from £11

UPVC Labour £44.99

UPVC Door Servicing £29.99

UPVC Door Mechanism from £60

UPVC Door Locked Out Entry £44.99

Composite Door Lock Price from £11

Composite Labour £44.99

Composite Door Servicing £29.99

Composite Door Mechanism from £110

Composite Door Locked Out Entry £44.99

Wood Door Lock Price from £19.99

Wood Door Labour £54.99

Wood Door Locked Out Entry £54.99

Commercial Labour £64.99

Commercial Locks from £29.99

Safes Labour £74.99

Opening a Home Safes £74.99


Steve Taylor

3rd Generation Master Locksmith

Call Steve Today and get a FREE no obligation quote for all of your locksmith needs in Gateshead

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Gateshead Locksmith Service Taylors Lock
Real Reviews!

Check out Gateshead Locksmith Service REVIEWS on Google. We have real reviews from real customers and not bots!. Reviews are hard to get, so always be aware of anyone with a huge amount of reviews. in our 14 years of being online we only have genuine Google reviews. Click Here for all our Google Reviews and Click Here for our Facebook Reviews!  


Welcome to Gateshead Locksmith Service

Serving Gateshead for over 70 Years.

Welcome to Gateshead Locksmith Service, we are a small family run father and son business since 1948 know locally as Taylors Locksmiths. We take pride in our work in our local Gateshead community with a simple labour fee, no hourly charges, no call out fee, no VAT charges or hidden costs. 


Taylors Gateshead Locksmiths Service are third generation locksmiths service based in Carr Hill NE9 5LQ in Gateshead North East England Tyne and Wear but we cover all of the Tyne and Wear area along with Newcastle and Northumberland, Washington Sunderland and Durham. Gateshead Locksmith Service also offer a emergency 24 hour locksmith in all areas, call 07525639943

Gateshead Locksmith Service Taylors Lock

Gateshead Locksmith Service

Gateshead Locksmith ( Taylors Locksmiths ) since 1948 are your 3rd generation master locksmith service with a full mobile locksmith service at hand 24 hours each day, 7 days each week. Gateshead Locksmith are a UPVC / Composite door hardware specialist dealing in all aspects and issues related to such doors, such as a dropped doors, doors jammed, door wont open, key won't turn, handle wont move, handle broken, door wont lock and we available in the Gateshead, Tyne and Wear area with 3rd generation master locksmith Steve Taylor bsed in Carr Hill in Gateshead with a local family member and locksmith in each area we cover such as our Simon who is a 3rd generation locksmith based in Washington, we have our 2nd generation master locksmith Julian based in Sunderland at Hall Farm along with our high security specialist and covert entry locksmith Andrew who is based n Seaburn. In  Newcastle we have our Tom and Russell who cover all our families work as a master locksmith trade. We provide a variety of home entry, commercial locksmith services direct to your door from as little as £39.99. 


Gateshead Locksmiths ( Taylors Locksmiths ) are fully Insured, DBS locksmith service and part of the Guild of Master Locksmiths since the 1970's and the longest running locksmith business in Gateshead for a reason. We have no hourly rate, just a simple labour fee unless the job is a large job then we will charge for the 1st hour and half rate after that. All parts are to you at cost price. You get the parts for what we pay for them from our suppliers. 

No Call Out Fee!

No Hourly Rates!

No VAT Charge! 


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Call Gateshead Locksmith 07525639943 - 24 hours Call Out - No Call Out Fee - Open 7 days a week.  *Terms and ConditionsPricing Policy.

Gateshead Locksmith Service Taylors Lock

Gateshead Locksmith Services

Quality Local Locksmith Service - Gateshead Locksmith Service are professional Tyne and Wear local locksmiths, the first and original Gateshead Locksmith Service (GLS) that has served our community since 1948. Also known as Taylors Locksmiths or Taylor and Sons Locksmiths. Gateshead Locksmiths Service will make sure we use our old ways of lock picking to open locks rather than destructive entry where we can, this means that if and where we can we will keep the price low for you by saving your door locks but remember if your keys won't open the lock, neither will our picks.


Also please don't ask us to drill a lock, most locks these days can't be drilled and a large amount of locks have anti drill pins, locksmithing is more than using a drill, be aware of anyone who says they will drill out the lock.

We believe in a honest pricing, we charge what we would expect to pay for a locksmith service in Gateshead and no more.

On average our labour is around £20 - £30 lower than other locksmiths targeting Gateshead. 

We only use the best brands, quality products that offer a full warranty on all parts and our labour.

Ultion Locks, Gateshead Locksmith, Locks
Gateshead Locksmith Service Taylors Lock

Locked Out in Gateshead?

Gateshead Locksmith Service Emergency Locksmith

Gateshead Locksmith Service are also a Emergency Locksmith that serve the public 24 hours each day dealing with emergency lock out, lock in, broken key in lock, failed doors, broken locks to burglary issues, lock changes and upgrades. Gateshead Locksmith Service Emergency Locksmith from only £44.99

The image is of one of the hardest locks in the UK to gain entry to. Many locksmiths wanted the best part of £500 or more. Gateshead Locksmith (Taylors Locksmiths) opened it for £45. That's why we got the BIG thumbs up!

Gateshead Locksmith Service Taylors Lock

Locks Changed from £44.99

Locks and Handles Changed, Upgraded

Gateshead Locksmith Service change locks 24 hours a day for any reason. We can be on site to help with any lock issues, upgrades, downgrades or changes. We can refresh your doors with new handles, locks and letterboxes. Locks for UPVC, alloy and Composite doors with a Euro lock from just £11 - £35 for a lock depending on security level and amount of keys required and only £44.99 for our labour for entry. The labour fee is a one off fee and not an hourly rate and includes a free door service worth £29.99 with all new lock changes and that price includes all sundries, oils, cloths, service materials.


Happy Customer!

Thank you for coming out and sorting our doors. After our house was burgled, we were so worried about them coming back but your staff put our minds at ease, you advised us, upgraded us and worked with our insurance and made the whole ordeal a simple process.  

Steven Clark - Felon - Gateshead - Tyne and Wear

Gateshead Locksmith Service, happy custo
Gateshead Locksmith Service Taylors Lock

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