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Steve Taylor Master Locksmith
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Steve Taylor 

Manager & Master Locksmith

Steve is a 3rd generation master locksmith who took over his father's role in 2006.

Tom The Locksmith

Master Locksmith

Tom is our helping hand when Steve is fully booked or on a day off, Tom is our go to locksmith.

Jill Taylor

Office Manager

Jill deals with all our admin and office related work along with your invoicing and payments.

Mike Taylor
Gateshead Locksmith Service | Locksmith Team

Gateshead Locksmith Service are a local family run business in Gateshead Tyne and Wear. Gateshead Locksmith Service is now ran by 3rd generation master locksmith Steve Taylor and his wife Jill Taylor. Steve took over from his father's role in 2006 and has spent 15 years taking the family business known locally as Taylors Locksmiths or Taylor and Sons. It was first established in 1948 by John Taylor and has been passed from generation to generation.  Meet our team below and know who you are talking to our put a face to your locksmith! 

Gateshead Locksmith Service | Outsourcing Work?

Gateshead Locksmith always get asked if we outsource our work to other locksmiths. The answer to that is yes we can do if we need to. However unlike other locksmiths who just use a friend they may know. Our team expands in to many other areas as Taylors or Gateshead Locksmith have been training locksmiths since 1981 so the locksmiths we may pass work to are not only trusted by us but are full trained by us in skills and ethics, quality of service and customer care. 

Gateshead Locksmith still handle all your admin based side of the job, such as we take the payments, handle the warranty, receipts etc, so you're still dealing directly with Gateshead Locksmiths and Taylors.

We only outsource when we are very busy, on emergencies and you have an emergency, maybe we are on holiday or ill, at a wedding etc. We always arrange cover and all of our locksmiths are part of The Guild of Master Locksmiths UK.

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